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The design company focusing on innovative wireless solutions 



Panthronics is the only independent design company with expertise covering RFID/NFC hardware, software and applet solutions which is Secure Element agnostic.


We provide full functionality (hardware and software) NFC IPs/products that are customizable depending on customer's needs.


Things we are excited about and want to share with you. Events we will participate.


How to contact us, where we are, leadership team.

Our expertise

We have expertise covering highly optimized tag solutions (including booster) to full NFC Forum NFCC functionality. Our system/application know-how enables low risk total solutions with architectures that substantially outperform (in performance, size and cost) legacy devices.

system design

System Design

System expertise including antenna modelling and design with a revolutionary reader/controller architecture enabling direct connection to the antenna substantially increasing signal to noise ratio.

analog design

Analog Design

Analog expertise enabling a first sinusoidal NFC driver as well as a first current mode NFC receiver, eliminating the need for bulky EMC filters and maximizing the power to the antenna.

digital design

Digital Design

Digital expertise including digital signal processing and micro-controller design enabling the development of a highly optimized hardware architecture for a novel NFC controller.

software design

Software Design

Software expertise enabling development of optimized software and applications including NFC stack with an architecture to address existing legacy shortcomings.

bench test design

Bench Test Design

Panthronics’ unified test bench is the first test platform enabling full testing from electrical parameters through to integration testing including first level interoperability testing using counterparts directly connected and driven from the test bench.

What we offer

We offer ASIC and IP development focused on customer needs for RFID/NFC market from tag ICs to full functional NFC controller solutions including applet development.

PTX1000 NFC Platform

Best performance, smallest area, lowest solution BOM

A NFC controller solution based on a novel architecture supporting Card Emulation and Reader mode for ISO14443-A/B, FELICA and ISO15693 featuring full NFC-Forum functionality.

It is the only platform enabling Point-Of-Sale (POS) on a mobile form factor.

Customized NFC

What you imagine

The one stop shop to deliver the hardware and software when a customized solution is needed. 

Innovative IP

What we imagine

Beside our NFC IPs we create other innovative wireless solutions like "NFC Touch". Exploiting hundreds of person years of expertise in hardware and software development allows us to come up with novel IPs. 

What's new

- March 12-15th, 2019, come and meet us at NFC Forum Member Meeting in New Orleans, LA, USA

- March 6th, 2018, Panthronics AG announces “NFC Touch”, a technology enabling extension of NFC range over the human body enabling many new use cases, during NFC Forum meeting at Google campus in Mountain View California

- June 21st, 2017, Panthronics AG announces a new architecture NFC solution enabling world’s smallest EMVCo compliant POS solution during NFC Forum meeting in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam 

Where to find us


Management team

Kambiz Dawoodi (CEO) is a 30+ year veteran of semiconductor industry with international work experience serving as SVP & GM of Power & Wireless BU at ams AG and various P&L management roles including Low Power Wireless business at Texas Instruments. Mr. Dawoodi is a graduate of Southampton University in UK.  

Jakob Jongsma (CTO) is a 25+ year veteran of semiconductor industry who has led Concept Engineering and Innovation Engineering departments across multinational companies including Infineon and ams AG working on topics such as RFID, remote keyless entry, Bluetooth, mobile phones, hearing aids. Mr. Jongsma is a graduate of Twente University in the Netherlands.